The Glen

There are no signposts or explanations for this natural wonder. It’s just past the entrance to Knocknarea car-park. You will see a well on the right and the Glen is across the road. A natural event of perhaps an earthquake, has gouged a deep grassy channel out of the rock. Inside The Glen you will find a wide variety of flora and fauna which make it a mecca for Botanists from near and far. You will see Sycamore,Beech,Scots Pine and Oak all flourishing in The Glen,alongside Hazel, Holly, Honeysuckle, Bramble Bushes, Ivy and extremely high ferns and nettles. in the Gorge, the sound drops away everything becomes still and hushed. Water trickles down the walls,and the green space feels cut off from all of time. This is a little bit of magic in the Sligo hinterland.
Part of the Knocknarea Tour