Lough Key Forest Park

When we arrive here it’s an amazing place, steeped in history. First we head for the 5 story Moylurg Viewing Tower built on the original Gateway foundation of the Rockingham House with spectacular views of the lake and surrounding park. Next we go to the jetty and you can board the ferry for a trip around the lake which takes an hour. On the boat trip we visit Trinity Island where the monks came from Boyle Abbey in 1228. They brought with them the Manuscripts and learning which under Clarus Directions developed eventually into the Annals of Lough Key and the Annals of Connaught. The Monastery was granted protection by the Justicier of Connaught when he came to pray prior to attacking McDermott’s Castle in 1235. After the suppression of the Monasteries by Henry VIII in 1536-7 this monastery was granted to the McDermotts who allowed the cannons to remain in occupation, and they occupied the house until it was confiscated by James 1, in 1608. The island is the burial place of Sir Conyers Clifford, the commander of the British forces in the battle of the Curlews. Castle Island has passed through two ownerships of famous families; the McCreeveys and the McDermotts. It is known as McDermotts Island to this day. The castle is mentioned frequently in the ancient Annals being the focus of both Fighting and Partying. Part of the Shannon Tour